The Friends Seminary community is characterized by its extraordinary generosity and by its dedication to service. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave that 

most precious resource—time—in service of the School.


Luigi Caiola

Dot Cates

Kennedy Cogan

Liz Di Giorgio

Mark Doty ’86

Nicole Davison Fox

David Garrity

Gideon Gil

Isaac Henderson, Clerk

Buxton Midyette

Jeffrey Penn

Eric Quiñones

Lee Rada

Peter Rahbar

Benjamin Smith

Ann Sullivan

Carol Warner



Parent Co-Chairs

Emma Daly 

Jared Hendricks

Robyn Rahbar

Brian Sampson


Parent Committee

Marilou Aquino 

Graciela Bergner 

Rebecca Borden

Mary Bowers 

Michelle Cherande 

Kennedy Cogan

Susie Coulter

Karin Dando-Haenisch

Stephen Fefferman

Ning Gao

Adwina Gil

Stefanie Goldblatt

Philip Gorrivan

Christine Grounds 

Michelle Ingber

Jason Klein

Rebekah Klipper

Walter Lee

Denise Melroy

Rebecca Nash

Nneka Norville

Kimberly Oliva

Katie & Grant Palmer

Radhika Rathore

Jennifer Rubenstein

Jen Sale

Jacqueline Stone

Evert Vink

Mindy Welsh 

Adrianne Weremchuk

Alumni Council Chair

Julie R. Fenster ’75

Alumni Class Agents (in class year order)

Margaret Dorkey McCormick ’42

Jackson R. Bryer ’55

Stephen G. Rostand ’57

Frederic J. Buse ’59

Catherine Munnell Smith ’60

Randall K. Nichols ’62

Sarah E. Paul ’78

Darcy Vassiliadis Flanders ’79

Brin McCagg ’80

Marc Rachman ’82

Jason Ablin ’83

Amanda Southon Miller ’84

Schuyler Allen-Kalb ’86

Rachel Shapiro Axinn ’86

Jocelyn Anker ’87

Cory Diamond ’88

Alexandra Mairs Tart ’88

Stephanie Davis Hazelkorn ’94

Seth Goldberger ’95

Evan Pazner ’95

Lynne DeSilva-Johnson ’97

Robin McKinney ’98

Jessica Ernst Kerns ’00

Richard Barbieri ’02

Benjamin Messinger-Barnes ’05

Nailah Cummings ’06

Juliet Kaye ’06

Lena Bell ’08

Evan Olonoff ’08

Max Willner ’08

Leah Allen ’10

Andrew Hinkle ’11

Hugo Torres-Fetsco ’11

Tamar Davis ’12

Christian Hoyos ’13

India Woolmington ’16

Javin Bose ’17

Eitan Z. Darwish ’17

Rachel S. Hodes ’17

Max Nitke ’18

Arya Singh ’18

Walter Goldberg ’19

Sophie Luard ’19

Grandparent Chair

Terri Levenson

Parents of Alumni Chair

Kenneth Mortenson

2019 Senior Gift Committee

Lorie Almon

Bonnie Bertram

Beth Brownstein

Robert Burge

Marcia DiLorenzo

Rochelle Fox

Michelle Landers

Rachel & Brad Miles

Amanda Southon Miller ’84

Sarah Safer

Mary Schooling

Adrianne Weremchuk

 - Indicates Five or More Years of Consecutive Giving


The 2019-20 Preliminary Annual Report reflects all donations received by Friends Seminary between July 1, 2019 and March 1, 2020. 

Charitable donations are an essential and growing part of the School's budget. We are most grateful to our generous donors who support the Fund for Friends, the endowment and capital projects, as well as our dedicated volunteers whose achievements are essential to helping Friends “bring about a world that ought to be.”


Great care has been taken in preparing this report to make it as accurate as possible. If you should note an inaccuracy or would like to increase your gift, please notify Judy Brown, Director of Annual Giving, at 646-979-5054 or jbrown@friendsseminary.org. The Preliminary Annual Report (as well as the final published Annual Report) is only available through the friendsseminary.org website and is not available to search engines. *Please note: The Fund for Friends was formerly named the Annual Fund.